Moderation der DCX Content Marketing Bühne

Moderation der DCX Content Marketing Bühne

14. Oktober 2018 0 Von Nico Rehmann

Am 09.10.18 hatte ich auf der DCX – Digital Content Expo die Content Marketing & Content Services Bühne moderiert. Es gab sehr spannende Vorträge und Diskussionsrunden von sehr erfahrenen Experten. Die Vorträge und Diskussionsrunden fanden hierbei auf Englisch statt

10:45-11:30 Panel – Single Source Publishing – (W)CM, MAM and PIM 

Images, videos, product descriptions, articles and any more content types need to be managed every day to be available along the whole customer journey. Goran Stefanovic will introduce into this topic with a short presentation and discuss the success factors for MAM, PIM, WCM and Single Source Publishing together with Dietmar Rietsch and Ian Truscott


  • Goran Stefanovic, asioso GmbH (Keynote) – Digitalagentur München
  • Dietmar Rietsch, Pimcore GmbH
  • Peter Makovitzky, Censhare AG

12:30 – 13:05 Marketing died. And it’s good news!

Marketing, supported by paid advertisements, is in the final stages – if not already dead. The principle, which was founded in the 60s of the last century by the legendary advertising agencies in New York, loses its efficiency every day.

In the past, it was a good idea to use the classic media such as newspapers, magazines, cinemas, radio and later television to provide messages to the public. All you had to do was use a large audience of a show to deliver your messages. People today hate to be interrupted by messages. Times has changed. Today you need to use high quality content to cause resonance and start a relationship with your audience.

  • Stephan Heinrich,  Autor, Trainer und Vortragsredner, Stephan Heinrich & Team

13:10-13:45 Content Intelligence – how AI is revolutionizing the work of marketing managers

AI is everywhere and its triumph has only just begun. No doubt: AI will have a massive impact on all industries and shatter the job market. Hype predictions run from simply amusing to downright apocalyptic. The good news: Marketers already have access to powerful AI-driven tools to make their jobs easier, increase their output and help them differentiate.

  • Sebastian Glock, e-Spirit AG

13:50-14:25 The future of Open-Source Customer Experience Management

Today, it’s more vital than ever to be able to personalize customer engagement, deliver rich and compelling digital experiences, and respond faster to ever-changing

  • Dietmar Rietsch, Pimcore GmbH

14:30-15:30 Panel – Content and Commerce – Relevance and Strategies for combined success

Nowadays when customer centricity plays a major role, it takes more than just an online shop to sell successfully. Promising approaches will be discussed with the panel participants how the combination of content and commerce can generate added value for customers and thus increase the likelihood of a purchase.


  • Peter Mielke, CELUM GmbH (Impulsvortrag)
  • Sebastian Glock, e-Spirit AG
  • Tim Schwarz, Neofonie GmbH
  • Arndt Kühne, Basilicom GmbH

16:00 – 16:30 Influencer Marketing – Was gilt es rechtlich zu beachten.

Last year, Instagram & Co. These give information in which cases and how to label advertising in the social media.

  • Margret Knitter, Fachanwältin für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte